Dotwork Announces Early Access to Their Strategy Management Platform at Collision 2024

Founded by Atlassian Alum, Dotwork is creating custom strategy management solutions with on-demand views and reports for select early access customers

June 18, 2024

Austin, Texas: Dotwork is thrilled to announce the launch of the Dotwork Design Partnership, an exclusive opportunity for select customers to gain early access to Dotwork’s strategy platform. This partnership offers a unique approach to strategy management by tailoring solutions to fit the specific needs of each company instead of boxing up a fixed set of features.

A Solution Designed with You, for Your Unique Needs

At Dotwork, we understand that generic tools often fall short in addressing the nuanced demands of strategic management. Our approach is different. We collaborate closely with our customers to craft a bespoke experience that seamlessly integrates with their existing tools and data, transforming the strategic view of their dreams into reality.

For a limited time, the Dotwork team will work with a select group of companies to bring their strategy out of fragmented docs, decks, spreadsheets, and tools into a live product experience. Like having your own ‘Strategy Ops’ team building internal tools for you, the team will build interactive views and reports on demand to inform strategic conversations and align execution.

Become a Design Partner

By joining the Dotwork Design Partnership, early collaborators can secure reduced pricing, be at the forefront of adaptive strategy, and help inform the future of the Dotwork platform. This exclusive opportunity is limited, ensuring that each design partner receives dedicated attention and a tailored solution.

Design Partners will have a direct line of communication with the Dotwork founding team - with decades of combined experience building products for ways of working. The team includes former product and engineering leaders at Atlassian; the company that developed popular productivity products like Jira, Confluence, and Trello.

The Design Partnership is a true on-demand experience, where the Dotwork team quickly delivers and adapts views built on your data in days, not weeks.

What design partners can expect:

  1. Understanding Your Company and Use Case
    We begin with a comprehensive understanding of your current strategic practices, challenges, and aspirations. Whether on-site or remote, our team will gain a deep understanding of your unique context to identify areas where tooling and automation can help.
  2. Imagining Your Dream Strategy View
    Next, we conceptualize a working view that bridges the gap between execution and strategy. By focusing on the key questions and decisions your leaders need to address, we create a vision that enhances strategic visibility across your organization.
  3. Going from Idea to Application
    We transform the working view into a live, interactive experience on top of your existing data and iterate based on your feedback. We also give a home to objects without one to ensure we have the full strategic picture (e.g. Goals, Strategic Themes, Initiatives, etc…) - providing powerful views right out of the box.
  4. Rolling Out Your New Dream View
    Finally, we deploy and share these custom interactive views with leaders and peers to provide powerful context to strategic conversations, communicate a live strategy to teams, and move quarterly cycles of updates to monthly or even continuously.
“Strategy is messy and complex. Leaders should have the ability to spend more time doing strategy, not operationalizing it. We’ll cover that for you.” - Steve Elliott, Founder & CEO of Dotwork

Join the Dotwork Design Partnership

The Design Partnership is a unique experience to have a dedicated and experienced internal tools team on demand.

Apply to the Dotwork Design Partnership program to start moving from static to adaptive strategy and meaningfully improve your strategy management. Visit to learn more and apply to be one of our select design partners.

You can also join the waitlist and we’ll let you know when Dotwork is generally available as a self-serve experience!

About Dotwork

Dotwork is a leading innovator in strategic management solutions, committed to providing bespoke tools that help organizations improve strategy development, communication, and execution. Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools and data, offering a tailored approach to fit the needs of today and in the future.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Steve Elliott
Founder, CEO

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