Bring your strategy to life

Generic tools don't cut it for strategy operations. For a limited time, we're designing solutions on-demand for your unique needs.

Phase 1

May 1st

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Phase 2

October 2nd

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Phase 3

January 8th

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One meeting to kick things off!

We'll have you talk through your challenges and show us how you're crafting and managing strategy today.


We'll build your new strategy view

We'll create the strategy view of your dreams and demo the experience to you through rounds of feedback


We'll integrate it with your data

We'll help you plug in your tools and data sources to make your new strategy view live and help share it with your peers and teams

The design partnership

We're excited to design and build a strategy view that fits your needs. There is no upfront commitment needed to design your first view!

Connecting the Dots Across Teams, Work, & Time

Plans become stale on arrival unless you link strategy to execution for improved visibility and efficiency. When organizations align their goals and work, they achieve better results and higher job satisfaction.

Adaptive Strategy and Decision Making

Structured decision architectures can link your decisions to real-time facts to enable intelligent tradeoffs and a direct understanding of intent across the organization.

Effective Product Planning, Goal Setting, & OKRs

Consolidating numerous documents for planning leads to misalignment and missed opportunities. Instead, design a centralized approach for planning designed to handle uncertainties and optimized for learning.

Flexibility for Modern Ways of Working

Decision-making has never been more complex. Leaders must balance flexibility and structure, manage uncertainty, and build organizational memory to help surface new insights.

Frequently asked questions

Have any questions that are not answered or clarified below? Feel free to contact us

What happens at the conclusion of the design partnership?

At the conclusion of the design partnership, you and team have a fully functional, custom strategy operations platform. You can move forward with Dotwork as a standard SaaS experience or continue working with our services team to build solutions on the Dotwork platform! Many of the features our team uses to build and configure Dotwork to your unique needs will be availble to you as well.

Are you able to connect these views to my own data?

Yes. Though we still have native integrations on the roadmap, we have multiple ways to connect to your tools and data via API. Specific integrations for your use case might be built in scope of the design partnership.

Does the design partnership cost anything?

The design session is free. The 6 month Design Partnership is a paid services package.

After our first meeting, we'll come back in a few days with mockups of what we can build given the capabilities of the platform today. If we decide to move forward, our team will build the first fully functional view for a fully refundable downpayment to help your team make the decision to continue with the full design partnership package or not.

The Design Partnership includes a free license to Dotwork (ranging from 6 months to a year). After we conclude the design partnership prgram, Dotwork will be billed as a standard SaaS product.

What happens if I want different view or changes to views later on?

We have multiple ways that your internal teams can extend Dotwork with custom objects, views, blocks, reports, and integrations. If you'd like dedicated capacity from our team to continue building custom functionality, that can be discussed with pricing.

Will you help roll out Dotwork to my broader organization?

Yes. Though Dotwork is designed to be self-serve with user-friendly onboarding, we also provide services options when you're looking to expand Dotwork to the broader organization. Our services team and partners have worked with some of the largest organizations in the world with deep experience in change management and digital transformation.

What's your dream strategy view?

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