Dotwork Raises $12M Series A; Launches Early Access to Strategic Alignment Platform.

Dotwork turns chaos into coherence with unparalleled insights for complex organizations.‍

November 8, 2023

Dotwork, a new platform that provides flexible ways of working without sacrificing the ability to connect the dots from strategy to execution, announced a Series A investment of $12 million. Steve Elliott, founder and CEO of Dotwork, is a seasoned entrepreneur known for pioneering technology to help organizations thrive amid uncertainty. Steve's most recent venture, AgileCraft, was acquired by software giant Atlassian in 2019.

“We have seen the outsized impact this team can provide to large organizations working to improve strategic alignment," said Jim Crane, owner of the Houston Astros, CEO of Crane Capital Group, and investor in Dotwork. “Making decisions that effectively align strategy to execution is more complex than ever. Dotwork's ability to connect the dots will be a game changer for large enterprises working to improve their alignment and focus."

With hundreds of billions spent annually on consultants and siloed tools, companies increasingly recognize the need for a more effective way to optimize strategic execution at scale. With a sharp increase in remote work, strategic alignment has become more crucial than ever to drive success. Legacy tools are extremely time-consuming and rigid, ultimately requiring more significant time investment that renders companies less efficient overall.

Dotwork addresses the ability to align the organization by bridging the gaps between OKRs, product operations, scaled agile, strategic decisions, portfolio management, and more. The solution delivers a new collaboration experience for remote work environments using native AI, knowledge graphs, and decision intelligence.

"Dotwork was created with the idea that strategy shouldn't be hidden in documents or spread across tools. We aim to make strategy inclusive, flexible, and adaptable, helping customers make confident decisions even in uncertain times," said Steve Elliott, Founder and CEO. "The substantial return on investment for leaders at all levels of the organization, through savings in time and money along with reduced frustration, is undeniable."

Key innovations include:

  • Programmable & Extensible: Future-proofing the stack by providing capabilities for tailoring the platform to your specific needs by leveraging no-code, low-code, and custom code.
  • Decision Intelligence: Structuring unstructured data to leverage human judgment and unlock unique insights and opportunities to help organizations decide how to decide.
  • Organizational Memory: Preserving learning through historical data and trends on metrics, processes, discussions, decisions, and documentation to inform future strategic decisions.
  • Native AI - Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including RAG Querying, Generative UI, and Automated Relationships, which amplify the platform's ability to reliably mine insights from organizational memory.

Dotwork has also announced the launch of its early access program geared to help organizations build the “strategy view of their dreams”. For those eager to transform their strategic capabilities, the program offers a unique opportunity to tailor the platform to their specific needs. To learn more, visit

About Dotwork:

Founded in 2022, Dotwork stands at the intersection of strategy, execution, and real-time insights. With its AI-driven platform, Dotwork is paving the way for modern, flexible, and coherent strategy management and decision-making across teams and organizations of all sizes.

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