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The strategy platform that connects the dots

Turn chaos into coherence. Tame complexity with unparalleled visibility & alignment across the enterprise.

Lean Portfolio Management
Strategic Portfolio Management
Decision Architecture
Value Stream Management
Scaled Agile
Lean Portfolio Management
Strategic Portfolio Management
Decision Architecture
Value Stream Management
Scaled Agile
Lean Portfolio Management

Build the strategy view of your dreams (in a week*)

Using the Dotwork cloud platform, design a solution that is specific to your company's needs. Say goodbye to rigid, opinionated software.

Product Leaders
Portfolio Managers
Does planning & decision-making feel disorganized and chaotic?
Is the big picture disconnected & scattered across multiple tools?
Is your calendar slammed with status meetings?
Is your strategy scattered across docs, sheets, and decks?
Your strategy

Your Strategy deserves a home. Dotwork brings your strategy to life with deep intelligence anchored in reality.

Connecting the Dots Across Teams, Work, & Time

Plans become stale on arrival unless you link strategy to execution for improved visibility and efficiency. When organizations align their goals and work, they achieve better results and higher job satisfaction.

Adaptive Strategy and Decision Making

Structured decision architectures can link your decisions to real-time facts to enable intelligent tradeoffs and a direct understanding of intent across the organization.

Effective Product Planning, Goal Setting, & OKRs

Consolidating numerous documents for planning leads to misalignment and missed opportunities. Instead, design a centralized approach for planning designed to handle uncertainties and optimized for learning.

Flexibility for Modern Ways of Working

Decision-making has never been more complex. Leaders must balance flexibility and structure, manage uncertainty, and build organizational memory to help surface new insights.

Tame the chaos from one, unified platform

Platform features that enable you to deal with change, not fight it. Dotwork is the first unified operating system for strategic decision-making across all your use cases.

Dotwork’s Platform can connect your metrics, initiatives, and investments to business performance so you can make better decisions while avoiding the common traps of first-wave products.

Aggregation Layer

Experience the flexibility to work your way without sacrificing the data aggregation leaders need to align the organization.

Cycles & Funding

Seamlessly budget, forecast, and build flexible plans to future-proof your business with an end-to-end understanding of your tech cycles.

Teams & Context

By converting unstructured data to structured, you can discover unique insights and opportunities across teams using previously noisy data.


Our no-code platform, combined with a robust knowledge graph, enables you to solve complexity without custom code.

Smart Integrations

Start with simple integrations that can advance in depth of integration to let you control the level of integration per use case.

Trending & Scenarios

Manage uncertainty with robust simulations and automatic trending centered on adaptability and clear tradeoff expectations.

Let's bring your dream strategy view to life with Dotwork

If your teams have struggled to find a solution that brings transparency across teams and tools to connect strategy to execution, we'd love to talk.

We'll be working with a few design partners to help us test the limits of the Dotwork platform.

A unique solution for your context
Extensible on top of our future-proof platform
Purpose-built for scale

We almost forgot to mention artificial intelligence

AI is foundational to the Dotwork platform, not an afterthought feature. It's designed to be an invisible co-pilot throughout the experience. Below are a few capabilities unique to Dotwork:

RAG Querying

RAG querying integrates your organizational DNA with AI models, enhancing data interpretation. It definitively knows what things are.

Generative UI

Generative UI dynamically adapts and creates user interfaces on-demand from the data, making app-building as rapid and intuitive as a text prompt.

Automated Relationships

Dotwork infers relationships within the graph to discover hidden connections, deeper insights, and more accurate predictions across people, work, & time.

What's your dream strategy view?

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