Not just a dashboard.

Live, Adaptive Strategy

Give your strategy a home, connect everything to live data, and automate your strategic planning cycles. Make adaptive strategy a reality.

Strategy is choice.

Leaders get paid to make decisions, not just set goals.

We work so hard to create good goals. Goals that can capture the “what” and defer the “how”. Goals that we can measure. Goals that enable accountability.

But our goals are not a strategy.

And we sometimes get feedback, from our managers, that we need to learn to be “more strategic”. But how? Is there training?

In the void, a strategy emerges from someone’s “bundle of ambitions” and quickly coalesces as a set of objectives. But this definition of success will likely seek local optimizations, driven by personal aspirations, and rarely shift from the status quo.

This doesn’t feel right...

If strategy is so critical, why is it so hard to see?

In the beginning, we worked hard to “make the work visible”. Then we asked, “Why are we working on this stuff?”

Then, we worked hard to capture desired outcomes. We worked even harder to make them measurable. Then we found ourselves asking, “Why are we focusing on these goals?”

This recent emphasis on goal setting has obscured the upstream work needed to arrive at the best goals. Upstream work that blends the needs of the customer with the needs of the business. Upstream work that balances the needs of today and the needs of tomorrow. Upstream work that chooses where to innovate, and where to exit.

This is the work of strategy...

Making the tough choices that leverage our finite resources to get competitive advantage.

John May
Founder of the Uncertainty Project, Strategist @ Dotwork
Make adaptive strategy
a reality

Your Strategy deserves a home. Dotwork is your all-in-one strategy platform across crafting, planning, communicating, tracking, and adpating strategy.

Tools don't have to be a headache

With Dotwork, you can start generating powerful views and reports by yourself on top of your existing data. No need to onboard the whole team.

Powered by the Dotwork Graph

Link your OKRs to artifacts across the organization, whether they live in Dotwork or not. The Dotwork Graph provides a unique ability to create relationships across all the strategic 'dots'

Strategic Foresight

It's impossible to understand impact if we can't see what's changing. Dotwork creates a central repository for key metrics and trends information over time even if the source system does not.

Trend all metrics over time
Update key results automatically
Share metrics and key results across multiple Objectives

Strategy Development

Go beyond lists and charts with graph views and custom reporting in Dotwork. Allow stakeholders to quickly navigate and drill-in to find the information they need.

Powerful graph views for navigation and reporting
Custom interactive views and reports
Shareable links with no additional cost for viewers across your organization

Strategy Execution

Communicate effectively across different functions and stakeholders with live readouts tailored to specific needs.

Generate different readouts from the same underlying data
Live and interactive reports with drill-ins
Can begenerated and delivered on cadence (e.g. Monthly or Weekly)

Features you need

Full-featured OKRs out of the box with the flexibility to grow and adapt with your unique needs.

Establish Accountability
Make all outcomes and targets visible to establish accountability and clear ownership
Transparent Progress
No need to wait for the next update meeting when answers are at your fingertips
Reduce Manual Work
Operationalize status reports instead of manually updating docs, decks, and spreadsheets
Automate Updates
Plug everything in to live data to reduce manual updates and improve data reliability
Evolve your OKR Practice
Tools help enforce a systematic adoption of OKRs and promote good practice
Expert Support
Dotwork can provide expert guidance in OKR implementations and developing effective reporting

Frequently asked questions.

Is Dotwork an OKR tool?

Dotwork is a platform that supports many models and frameworks. Though the experience will feel like it was purpose-built for OKRs, this means it can be adapted to your needs as you grow and change

Can i get my data out of Dotwork?

Yes. Dotwork provides standard CSV exports. API accessis also available for more complex use cases.

Does Dotwork offer services for setup?

Yes, though services are typically for developing custom views. You only need an individual or small team to help define the data model and setup integrations. Views shared with others are easy to use and don't require training.

Does Dotwork connect to other OKR tools?

Yes. Dotwork can be used as an intermediary between your current OKR tool and connections to other strategic artifacts. Views and reports can be built on top of this data.

What's your dream strategy view?